UN has been a pioneering multilateral global body for the last 74 years in the area of humanitarian response, aiding the member states, preventing conflicts, maintaining peace and security.UN has been underrepresented, non-inclusive, and structurally partial in the exercise and powers in the decision making especially in its organ, the Security Council. The most representative body of the UN, the General Assembly’s decision is not binding. Due to this, many conflicts can’t be averted to date like the Syrian Conflict, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Yemeni Conflict, etc.

UN has become the tool for the powerful Nations to impose their stand and get the legitimacy for their interests whether intervening in a sovereign country and supporting totalitarian regimes.The faith of people with this organization has been in decline due to the ineffectiveness, incompetence, and powerlessness of this inter-governmental organization. The plight of migrants setting off from the conflicted shores, women and children in the war-torn countries like Yemen and Syria, Rohingya refugees fleeing off from their homelands in Myanmar, people who are wanting statehood since so long hasn’t been properly addressed and intervened yet. Having said that, the UN is the only body to solve the greater good of all humankind and member states if reformed soon.